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US-3764429-A: Method of forming cavities in a plasma display panel patent, US-392-A: Mode of making a batting os patent, US-4036-A: Improvement in sowing-machines patent, US-4540-A: Improvement in the manufacture of iron and steel patent, US-4594-A: Steaw-carriee patent, US-5537451-A: Method and apparatus for detecting trace elements in a substance through x-ray fluorescence patent, US-6168531-A: patent, US-6169503-A: patent, US-6170527-B2: patent, US-6171014-B2: patent, US-6172491-B2: patent, US-6173181-B2: patent, US-6179371-B2: patent, US-6179587-B2: patent, US-6179836-B2: patent, US-6180020-B2: patent, US-6180034-B2: patent, US-6180328-B2: patent, US-6181983-B2: patent, US-6182601-B2: patent, US-6182967-B2: patent, US-6182995-B2: patent, US-6183393-B2: patent, US-6183796-B2: patent, US-6183870-B2: patent, US-6183973-B2: patent, US-6185442-B2: patent, US-6185477-B2: patent, US-6392920-B1: patent, US-6424326-B1: patent, US-6433832-B1: patent, US-6434894-B1: patent, US-6445515-B1: patent, US-661-A: Mode of making metallic combs patent, US-3946024-A: 2-Hydrocarbyloxy-pyridine compounds patent, US-3965049-A: One-step synthesis of aromatic organic diselenides patent, US-4117036-A: Functional high polymeric substances having α,β-unsaturated carboxylate group and the composition therefrom patent, US-4508731-A: Microbicidal N-(tetrahydro-2-on-fur-3-yl)-N-substituted acetyl-anilines and -naphthylamines patent, US-4791187-A: Linear polyurethane elastomers, and a process for the preparation thereof patent, US-4362847-A: Heat-curable thermosetting resin binder compositions comprising a non-acidic resinous compound, a non-acidic polyester cross-linking agent, and a transesterification catalyst patent, US-4594220-A: Method of manufacturing a scandate dispenser cathode and dispenser cathode manufactured by means of the method patent, US-4816457-A: Aralkylaminoethanol heterocyclic compounds patent, US-5189188-A: Bis(triarylmethane) compounds patent, US-6506824-B1: Thermoplastic compositions comprising starch and other components from natural origin patent, US-3807090-A: Purifications of fuels patent, US-4604429-A: Ammonium salts of polymeric acids, their preparation and use as fungicides patent, US-6180266-B1: Cutting tool patent, US-4115613-A: Heat-sensitive recording materials and recording process of using the same patent, US-5075147-A: Method for optically recording information and information recorded medium patent, US-5124070-A: Optically active ester derivatives, preparation process thereof, liquid crystal materials and a light switching element patent, US-6309730-B1: Releasing film patent, US-4236952-A: Production of sheet materials patent, US-4665236-A: Alkoxylation process using bimetallic oxo catalyst patent, US-5526198-A: Method and apparatus for administering video data on magnetic tape media using a data record format to store video frames patent, US-5541320-A: Process for the preparation of a substituted diaminoalcohol patent, US-5897326-A: Method of exercising semiconductor devices patent, US-5910940-A: Storage medium having a layer of micro-optical lenses each lens generating an evanescent field patent, US-6411274-B2: Digital map display zooming method, digital map display zooming device, and storage medium for storing digital map display zooming program patent, US-6706147-B2: Process for making fiber mats for materials of construction having improved tear strength patent, US-4385140-A: Modified azulmic acids patent, US-4394473-A: Rubber compounding bags and film made from syndiotactic 1,2-polybutadiene patent, US-5175022-A: Method of making oxidizer coated metal fuels patent, US-5344838-A: Sterilant composition patent, US-6063300-A: Method of manufacturing semiconductor device including light etching patent, US-3982982-A: Hose construction patent, US-4252819-A: Antisecretory heterocyclic amidine compounds patent, US-4931411-A: Integrated circuit process with TiN-gate transistor patent, US-5304273-A: Method for manufacture of two-tone vehicle trim panel patent, US-6024886-A: Planarizing method for fabricating an inductive magnetic write head for high density magnetic recording patent, US-5733341-A: Inhibition of dye migration in a wash liquor patent, US-4340627-A: Wound and sintered vitreous silica article and method of making patent, US-5442197-A: Super-capacitor comprising positive and negative electrodes made of a p-doped electron conductive polymer and an electrolyte containing an organic redox compound patent, US-5453516-A: Preparation of 5-membered ring heterocycles patent, US-6168782-B1: Elastomeric silicone containing an active ingredient patent, US-4840869-A: Light-sensitive composition patent, US-5229403-A: Diaminotrifluoromethylpyridine derivatives and phospholipase A2 inhibitor containing them patent, US-4641010-A: Battery powered electric hair curler patent, US-4909898-A: Polymer recovery from solution patent, US-4994400-A: Method of fabricating a semiconductor device using a tri-layer structure and conductive sidewalls patent, US-5321204-A: Structure of charged coupled device patent, US-5490907-A: Method for treating sludges patent, US-6478866-B1: Aqueous pigment preparations patent, US-6549715-B1: Method for estimating available record time and a recording medium processing apparatus patent, US-4680276-A: Metal polypeptides patent, US-5532754-A: Background television schedule system patent, US-6268465-B1: Hydrolysis-resistant aliphatic polyester amides, their production and use patent, US-6609297-B1: Method of manufacturing multilayer printed wiring board patent, US-4532351-A: Process for hydrogenating organic compounds by use of Group VIII aluminum-silicate catalysts patent, US-5420923-A: Addressed messaging in a cable television system patent, US-6475933-B1: Highly conductive elastomeric sheet patent, US-6692973-B1: Surface binding of an immunoglobulin to a flexible polymer using a water soluble varnish matrix patent, US-4865914-A: Transparency and paper coatings patent, US-5321031-A: 1,2-disubstituted ethyl amides as inhibitors of ACAT patent, US-6088316-A: Method and apparatus for writing and reading optical recording medium patent, US-6144560-A: Semiconductor device including combed bond pad opening, assemblies and methods patent, US-4587292-A: Sulfo group-free azo compounds having on average at least 1.3 basic water-solubilizing groups in metal-free, 1:1 metal complex or 1:2 metal complex form patent, US-6597860-B2: Digital camcorder apparatus with MPEG-2 compatible video compression patent, US-5525347-A: Composition and methods for treating performance anxiety patent, US-5529822-A: Process for forming a laminate patent, US-5989673-A: Caromium-tantalum oxides (Cr-TaOx), sputtering targets and thin film seedlayer/sublayers for thin film magnetic recording media patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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